Atomic Trade Ripple

Jan 15, 2018. Now over 22,000 such swaps have occurred on the network making BarterDex the leader in the near instant trade of coins between blockchains. Recently they became the first to complete Ethereum atomic swaps and will launch the service soon on the exchange. Atomic swaps make the market truly. High in Protein, Low… read more »

Atomic Trade Ethereum

I recently came across the data structure known as a skip list. It seems to have very similar behavior to a binary search tree. Why would you ever want to use a skip list over a binary search tree? Prominent nuclear disarmament campaigner Sumiteru Taniguchi, who was delivering mail in Nagasaki when the United States… read more »

Atomic Trade Bitcoin

Having its own decentralized trade called Norton-exchange. Nortonchain. Sep 25, 2017. To understand what an atomic swap is, we have to first understand an inherent problem in trading. Suppose Alice wants to buy something from Bob, say a collectible Pez dispenser. Suppose further that Alice and Bob live far away so it's difficult to do… read more »