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Dec 22, 2015. It has become a commonly repeated mantra, among extreme libertarian Bitcoin cultists, that "if Bitcoin relies on altruism, then it has already failed." This makes sense to them because altruism. Packed in cosmoline after the battle of Stalingrad, sold in the US for $80. Now, as for the lunatic fringe who hate…. read more »

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Bargain Balloons-Over 16,000 designs of Mylar Balloons at discount prices. Official Site – Bulk Discounts! Online Balloon Wholesaler. Jun 26, 2013. Some people have had really great luck in selling their finished projects, I'm not one of them myself. I don't try like I used to. I prefer not to be insulted with offers that… read more »

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Jun 29, 2017. He sold “a bunch” of his digital coins. “I think the market had a spectacular run, and trees don't grow to the sky,”. If Bitcoin fell back down to $1600, he said, he'd “be buying a lot of it.” And if the Ethereum price retreated to between $150 and $200, it would… read more »